Treatment of fibromyalgia

Fibromilagia dr. J. C. Naranjo Alcega

Fibromyalgia is a psychosomatic disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Until very recently, was regarded it an incurable disease of unknown origin, but the who World Health Organization has finally accepted that its origin is psychosomatic.

I try to the Fibromyalgia for many years with hypnosis and neurophysiological techniques, with excellent results,

Several sessions of short duration and the patient reconstructive neuro exercise training are required

Fibromyalgia according to my more than thirty years of experience has its origin in an emotional crisis and stress that leads to a depression that is not treated promptly and then reinforcing the use of tranquilizers and antidepressants, making increasingly difficult to overcome the disease.

To make the treatment it is necessary to request appointment well in advance to coordinate appointments, taking into account that it will be four to six sessions, which can be made in a week or as a maximum by means. The frequency of them sessions are necessary for the effectiveness of the method that achieves by means of the neuro-reconstruction-emotional increase the plasticity brain of the patient achieving so overcome dolores and bad habits aduiridos.