Master's degree + doctorate in hypnosis


If you're a colleague and you are interested in joining you in Clinical Hypnosis I recommend this course

A course of hypnosis interest is the Master + PhD and you specializes in hypnosis classic and Ericksonian, with the mode of do them two simultaneously, allowing obtain at the end of the course them two certified the of master and the of doctorate in hypnosis.

Material included in the course: more than 20 hours of audio and video and material of text only and exclusive, with works discontinued of incalculable value. The course more full of the market

Can start the course in any date of the year.

More than 20 hours of audio and video with the most complete study material.

Course duration: 24 months (student mark its rhythm, and can finish before according to his dedication)

Tutoring by email and chat the evaluation methodology is based on the "case method", certificate from the experience of the Harvard Business School and other American universities the "case method" consists of practices in a real situation, in which the student will have to develop and prepare inductions that solve specific problems that arise in Hypnotherapy. Always with the support of the tutor who will guide you at all times.

Qualification obtained equivalence 160 credits academic (GPA system American) credits ECTS: 13 (EU) objective of the course this course is directed to medical, psychologists, naturopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, students, and in general to therapists of any specialty.

Training in hypnosis hypnosis. So the student after completing the course, is capable of perform inductions hypnotic without the lower difficulty. So you can use them in his practice from the first day. Here is all the information:

Program optimized

The program is developed so that the student learns in a very clear and easy, the resources necessary to be a good professional hipnologo. Introduction. The mind dual. Their mechanisms. School of hypnosis We will study the different schools and techniques of induction to the trance hypnotic. Technical own and of the more recognized professionals of the world.

Hypnosis heuristic principles and practice, heuristic hypnosis It facilitates the Hypnotherapy of a considerably learning suggestion of more powerful positive and negative suggestion techniques, can be used in therapy. Demonstrations of hypnosis in videos recorded live, for your better understanding.

We teach as sugestionar. Sugestionar imagination when an allied in the suggestion. The creativity of the therapist. Secrets of hypnosis is given all the keys and secrets needed, so that the student completed the course is able to induce a hypnotic trance without difficulty.

You will learn how to detect the fracture zone in hypnosis

Hypnotic susceptibility test Practice the best tests of susceptibility, so the student have total security of getting the success of an induction.

Test verbal, written, drawings. Test engines and ideomotrices. Technique of the five points, and others.

Get the "Rapport" it more difficult in the practice of the hypnosis, is getting a good rapport with the patient. Here you will discover how to increase your personal magnetism that will help you to improve your rapport techniques of hypnosis

Them student acquire them knowledge top of hypnosis and technical of hypnosis fast, technical that usually not is taught in any course. Technical respiratory for induction, induction to the trance and deepening of the trance, suggestion regenerating, out of the trance

Here is the information: