From more than 30 years development my activity in office as psychologist and Hypnotherapist and also I have dedicated to the training in hypnosis clinical, as member teaching and current President of the Association International of hypnosis clinical and Experimental.

I am the author of several books: "The way secret of the I" (hypnosis) "Symbolic analogy" (regressions) "PNL+Persuasión" and "Neuro emotional reconstruction", and can be purchased at Amazon both printed on paper as in ebook.

I am also a creator of the HESA method a specific therapy for stop smoking and lose weight with hypnosis and subliminal effects associated.

The hypnosis as it Neuro-reconstruction-emotional are two tools therapeutic of great effectiveness in the treatment of different ailments psychosomatic and treatments for leave of smoking, leave of drink, lose weight, control of the pain, depression, phobias, assistance to sick terminals, etc.