Quit smoking


HESA method is effective for quitting smoking, tobacco, hashish.

Tobacco and hashish are finished with HESA method

It began to be used in Spain in 1991 and until today has proven to be the most effective of the known methods, significantly different from the usual methods known today. Natural treatment. Causes a change of behavior in the smoker and an action of rejection to the tobacco.

QUIT smoking with anti-smoking HESA method

It is a method with "Dual action": which uses subliminal effects associated with herbal medicine.

The technique subliminal, are highly effective for the treatment of nicotine addition.

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What is the subliminal technique?

It is a technique that relies on the associated suggestion subliminal effects carried out by computer aided audio processes.

The person is fully aware, either; It's like a hypnosis, but without trance.


  1. You have to ask for appointment phone previously.
  2. Then it is necessary to make a payment of reservation to confirm the appointment.
  3. If that payment of reservation is not made the consultation it is not confirmed and is cancelled.
  4. Do not make any payment until no appointment by phone Payment appointment booking

This technique is associated with herbal products. HESA method uses made by specialized European laboratories natural products and they are sold in the market. Also according to the cases we can use Valerian, passion flower, or any other natural product over-the-counter market, which serves as an adjunct to treatment. When we talk about free sale you want to say that it is a product that has no side effects and does not need a doctor's prescription.

Psychological dependence. By means of them effects subliminal, are attempts to modify the codes of behavior in the smoker. Making your unconscious mind react positively and regain the will annulled by the addiction. Controlling thus the psychological dependence.
Physical dependence: We use natural products based on herbal medicine prepared in Spain by specialized laboratories. That used properly it allow us to control unpleasant withdrawal syndrome.
Double action. The action double of the method ensures an effectiveness greater to the known until today, in methods anti-smoking
Before the session, are you done a test of probability of success of the treatment.
According to the probability of success of the treatment, that reflects the test is started the session.
In case that the probability is low. Treatment is performed with the patient explains the reasons for which are not suitable, to quit smoking.

In a session?

The particularity of this treatment; In addition to its effectiveness, it is that he is done in a single session.

Quit smoking, it can not be imposed.
Quit smoking, is a choice.
Quit smoking, is something serious and for a lifetime.
A smoker is a patient addicted to nicotine, hashish or marijuana and as such not be cured. His life will be an addicted patient, therefore once you stop smoking, you can never return to try it.

Drugs or nicotine substitutes are used?

No, do not use medications to treat smoking, since most produce strong effects such as:.

Chantix produces few side effects neuropsychiatric which include suicides, suicidal tendencies and other psychotic behaviors. This caused that the FDA required to Pfizer include a warning on the box of the medicine.
Bupropion "Zintabac" (known antidepressant with large side effects, arrhythmias, palpitations and suicidality.)
Do not use any kind of stimulation, laser or needle. Since it is not based on the techniques of acupuncture or ear acupuncture.
That you have proven to be very effective.
Do not use nicotine substitutes: patches, chewing gum, nasal spray, etc.
We cause a behavioral change in the smoker and a rejection of the tobacco action

Anti-smoking HESA method, is not recommended in:

Pregnant women
People with organ transplant
People who have had cerebral infarction
People who have had myocardial infarction within the last 6 months.

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