Master's degree + doctorate in hypnosis


If you're a colleague and you are interested in joining you in Clinical Hypnosis I recommend this course

A course of hypnosis interest is the Master + PhD and you specializes in hypnosis classic and Ericksonian, with the mode of do them two simultaneously, allowing obtain at the end of the course them two certified the of master and the of doctorate in hypnosis.

Material included in the course: more than 20 hours of audio and video and material of text only and exclusive, with works discontinued of incalculable value. The course more full of the market

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Treatment of fibromyalgia

Fibromilagia dr. J. C. Naranjo Alcega

Fibromyalgia is a psychosomatic disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Until very recently, was regarded it an incurable disease of unknown origin, but the who World Health Organization has finally accepted that its origin is psychosomatic.

I try to the Fibromyalgia for many years with hypnosis and neurophysiological techniques, with excellent results,

Several sessions of short duration and the patient reconstructive neuro exercise training are required

Fibromyalgia according to my more than thirty years of experience has its origin in an emotional crisis and stress that leads to a depression that is not treated promptly and then reinforcing the use of tranquilizers and antidepressants, making increasingly difficult to overcome the disease.

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Quit smoking


HESA method is effective for quitting smoking, tobacco, hashish.

Tobacco and hashish are finished with HESA method

It began to be used in Spain in 1991 and until today has proven to be the most effective of the known methods, significantly different from the usual methods known today. Natural treatment. Causes a change of behavior in the smoker and an action of rejection to the tobacco.

QUIT smoking with anti-smoking HESA method

It is a method with "Dual action": which uses subliminal effects associated with herbal medicine.

The technique subliminal, are highly effective for the treatment of nicotine addition.

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Lose weight with hypnosis


Is the more effective treatment, for SLIMMING use a type of hypnosis different to which you can know, associate technical subliminal that have an effect very potent.

Lose weight with hypnosis in Navarra Aragon Álava and Guipúzcoa.

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Starting of the certainty proven, that the mind us sick and the mind we cure. This treatment helps to trigger a change mental of self-healing
Any person who for emotional reasons or psychosomatic factors unloading their frustrations in a way destructive car, will have different behaviors, from a compulsive way of eating to anorexia or bulimia.

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Quit drinking


That I should do for leave of drinking alcohol?

First of all, accept that it is a disease and recognize that you need help to heal.

Alcoholism is one of the most dramatic diseases affecting millions of people.
No doubt there are treatments psychiatric effective, although in many cases where e alcoholism has its origin in a conflict existence, loneliness, lack of love, low self-esteem, loss, depression, insecurity etc. Hypnosis arises as one option rather than advantageous, for its lack of side effects.

Our method is compatible with any other therapy that the patient is following with its medical's header.

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